About Tao of Luxe

Tao of Luxe draws on ideals of affordable elegance; admiring the best in design through the lens of fiscal sensibility. Clothes, accessories and pastimes are important to the new Renaissance Man, but so are the realities of the modern world. It’s lucky for us that new technologies and business practices have made the exceptional affordable.

Tao of Luxe is looking for the best in style for the best price, understanding that sometimes the extra expense is genuinely worth it. We want to see and celebrate the whole process of creation, not just the finished result; a watch may be attractive on the outside but astonishing on the inside.

We want beautiful things, but we also need them to survive a thousand journeys on the tube.


Dave Kaiten
Managing Editor at Tao of Luxe and unrepentant horophile, Dave’s love of detail, craftsmanship and good taste are evident even in his choice of socks. Dave has previously written for DreamChrono, Eadness, TimeKeeperForum and Beckertime.

Dave is particularly interested in watches, fashion and accessories, technology and luxuries.


Fet Milner
Fet is Tao of Luxe’s resident editor responsible for correcting everyone else’s awful, awful grammar, spelling and punctuation, as well as writing the occasional article on cultural and artistic matters. Fet has previously written for The Critic, a number of bland academic journals, even more bland technology publications, and several literary magazines.

Fet especially enjoys arts, culture, politics and associated tasteful things.