Review: The Sekford Type 1A

It’s handsome watch – there’s no mistaking that. It’s got that simplicity of design that works on just about any wrist, and that’s its real strength. It’s not too slim or too chunky, nor overwhelmed with details or features, nor too brash about itself that it draws excessive attention. What you might take for a wallflower is really just an elegant timepiece that will go with almost anything and rewards the attention it receives. It’s the little details that set it off, really.

The font for the numbers, for instance, gives it a little touch of art nouveau. The little curls and the proportions prevent it looking too utilitarian and, for the modern man who enjoys pretty things perhaps more than the man of the 1980s, shows that a man’s watch doesn’t need to be just about knowing the time or showing off your wealth.

Then there’s the colour, which is probably my favourite part about the watch. It’s marketed as “dark grey sunburst”, but, if you catch it just right, it’s actually got quite a lovely brass tone that – if you’re not too careful – will draw your eye when you’re meant to be doing something else (like writing this review).

The press materials claim that the design is based on English pocket watches, and the proportions certainly bear that out. It actually resembles some of the first wrist watches, which were modified from pocket watches around the First World War, but with modern engineering and a decent battery life to give it extra reliability.

So, the negatives. I will say that it seems the strap it comes with is a touch on the short side. I have pretty narrow wrists and, while the strap does fit, it doesn’t have a lot of extra length to offer, so if you have a thicker wrist you may need to source a longer strap, or simply request a longer one from Sekford. It’s also completely silent, which, I suppose, could be a benefit for some, but I’ve always liked to hear the movement in action.

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